Giving & Receiving Feedback – Get really good at it!

You may be really good at giving feedback but what about receiving it?

As veterinary team members and leaders (yes, YOU are a leader!) we are often helping others in the way of training, educating and giving feedback. As a leader it is paramount you ask for and seek feedback. How does that settle in your bones? How does it feel to consider seeking feedback?

In our blog Veterinary Team Feedback; Get REALLY GOOD AT IT we pull a quote from Dr. Jane Shaw’s article

“Filtering out the negative distortion and selecting helpful information takes patience and practice. It is a delicate dance of determining what we heard and what was actually meant.”

A delicate dance, indeed! Keep that in mind if you are spooning out the feedback or being fed the feedback.

During the Illuminating Retreat you will be asked to fill out short, anonymous surveys in a way for us to seek feedback (practicing what we preach). Two open-ended questions providing valuable feedback include:

  1. What went well?
  2. How can this program (presentation, event, etc) be even better, yet?

We understand giving and receiving feedback can be difficult. We are offering an opportunity to practice giving feedback on our program as a way to make the IVWR better.

Our learning curve is vertical. We are experiencing a lot of FFTs and we love you are a part of it!

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