Leading from Within – Know what drives you

As your career advances, stepping into a leadership role is a natural progression for individuals who have an internal, solid compass. Self-awareness, authenticity, and confidence are a few traits to cultivate and grow. It’s good to know you are leading from within, identifying your strengths, and expanding as a leader. 

You may ask yourself, “Who am I to lead? Who am I to offer direction or be courageous in decision making?”  I am simply here to ask you, “Why not take action in directing your life and be courageous in decision making?”

Often times we consider leaders as someone who has achieved greatness; an expert, or a prodigy. In all actuality, we are all leaders in our own right, leading our individual lives with integrity, authenticity, and courage. The definition of leadership generally refers to a group, but true leaders began leading their own life, then began leading organizations or teams.

For now, let’s consider the ways you can lead and define your own life. Identify personal habits and traits that serve you in your daily life.

Identify your passion; know what drives you

When I speak with veterinary teams, I often ask them what drives them. I want to know what their passions are. I ask “What brings you joy in your day?” Then, I just listen, until someone answers. It surprises me how few people understand what brings them joy, or bliss, or happiness.

A person who is self-aware can articulate what motivates them. They know what they are passionate about. In this way, they can bring more of it into their lives. Typically, a person’s strengths lies within their passion. When someone identifies their strengths, they can continue to grow and lead in that area of their life.

You may be great at client communications. That is FANTASTIC! Declare it, know it, and understand that you are GREAT at it! You may be motivated by helping clients understand the discharge sheet and charged by assisting a new pet parent grasp the idea of a vaccination protocol. GOOD FOR YOU! How will you bring more of that into your life by design? How will you further strengthen your skills and expertise in client communications? Identify your internal compass, where you want to grow and how you will get there.

The point is this, over the next week, consciously identify what you are good at. Declare your strengths. Move in a direction that makes you the best in that area of veterinary medicine, client service, or career growth. That is truly leading from within!

Yours in leading from within,

Rebecca Rose, CVT

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