Download IVWR Virtual Outline Spring 2020

Your life may be topsy-turvy, more hectic and chaotic than usual. We have created a virtual environment that will enrich and support you. We have gathered like-minded veterinary professional women wanting to transform their life and career. We are excited you are considering joning us!

Your Virtual Retreat Gatherings will include informative, engaging presentations given by experienced facilitators. Rebecca, Kate and Sarah are seasoned presenters with hands-on knowledge of working with veterinarians and their teams.

Questions? Feel free to schedule a 15 minute Zoom Call. We look forward to speaking with you!

Keep in mind, the innovative program includes the Retreat Gatherings, interactive exercises, evaluation of your LinkdeIn profile, thought provoking, tale-telling surveys and one-on-one coaching sessions! You will receive multiple months of enrichment, support and connections with other women with similar challenges and frustrations sharing solutions.

As you advance through the various topics, there will be ample time to reflect, consider and implement. PLUS you will be building a valuable support group! 

Following is the newest version. We are calling it Illuminating Retreat V-2.0!

A note about Coaching because working with a Coach may be a new experience for you, personally and professionally. Benefits of connecting with and receiving resources from a Coach include:

  1. Accountability
  2. Move past barriers
  3. New strategies and systems
  4. Measurable steps
  5. Motivation

Ironically enough, the tools, systems, branding, messaging and connections you experience during the Virtual Retreat and Meetings are examples for you to use in your career and business. You are encouraged to view everything we do, all the materials we create as templates and innovative solutions. Embrace all of it!

With love and light, RR


Webinar Sunday evening, 3/22

Brief Introductions, what to expect, Facebook engagement, RACE Approval, Q&A

Receive Values, Vision and Mission Exercise. Includes a video and exercise.

Attendees complete on their own and share their findings at the next online meeting. Tell us about your Vision for your future, personally and professionally.

Disseminated 3/25 complete 3/30.

Receive online, individual survey focused on your business and identifying your ideal client. This will include identifying monthly income, where your time is spent, who is on your team and more. This exercise is designed for you to become really clear with where you are, personally and professionally. The spring-board (CATALYST) to where you want to be!

April Zoom Meeting

Thursday 4/2 5:30 – 7:00 (90 minute)

Values, Vision and Mission Discovery

Rebecca Rose, CVT facilitating conversation

Share Vision from exercise – What you think about, you bring about

Receive Tools for success, value of time management

Remove, Delegate or System

Determine April One-on-One coaching schedule – Google Calendar – Calendly (Free scheduling software)

Coaching: 45 minutes zoom/call and 15 minutes to generate a recap email with resources/tips from coaching session

Evaluate your LinkedIn Profile

At your convenience review recorded video explaining LinkedIn Best Practices. Consider how your profile is speaking to and motivating your ideal client?

Post updated profile on IVWR Facebook when you have had an opportunity to update.

Virtual Retreat Three Consecutive Days – 90 minutes sessions

April 9th, 10th & 11th

Your Authentic-Self, Let it #JustSHINE

Thursday, 4/9 5:30 – 7:00

Dr. Sarah Wooten

60 minute presentation with 30 minute Q&A

Learning Objectives:

1) Unearthing your authentic self isn’t easy

2) Outline 4 unconscious habits sabotaging your career

3) Tools to move past sabotaging habits into a space of authentic self-confidence

Leadership Journey #JustBREATHE

Friday, 4/10 5:30 -7:00

Rebecca Rose, CVT

60 minute presentation with 30 minute Q&A

Learning Objectives:

1) Establish the origin of accountability

2) Determine time management tools to elevate your most valuable asset- YOUR TIME

3) Mindfulness application in chaotic days-count the ways in gratitude

The Power of Emotional Intelligence and Love #JustBE

Saturday, 4/11 mid-morning, dependent upon the way the world evolves

Kate Neligan

Live/Virtual Equine Coaching with Kate and her Remuda

Conscious choices and inner scripts

#SocialLove Check-In

Thursday 4/16 5:30 -6:30

To see how everyone is doing after the Retreat

Touch base during COVID-19

Open-Round Robin Forum

April Zoom Meeting

Thursday 4/30 5:30-6:30 

As an Entrepreneur, Gratitude Changes Everything

Gratitude Challenge-21 day

Authentic gratitude strengthens client relationships

Evaluate systems and tools

Create to share a 3-5 minute video addressing your ideal client and moving to action

Confirm next round of One-on-One Coaching Sessions

 May Zoom Meeting

Thursday 5/21 5:30-6:30

Redefine Leadership as a Personal Journey

Create and share a short 3-5 minute video addressing your ideal client and moving to action

Confirm next round of One-on-One Coaching Sessions

June Zoom Meeting

Thursday 6/11 5:30-6:30

Bringing it all together

Authentic-self, #JustSHINE, branding

Leadership, #JustBREATHE, accountability

#JustBE, conscious choices and inner scripts

Packaging your services

Confirm final round of One-on-One Coaching Sessions through middle of July

#SocialLove Check-In

Thursday 7/2 5:30-6:30

How are you doing? Taking a pulse.

Keeping in mind I created this outline on 3/22/2020 at 12:50pm.

A lot may have changed over the past 4 months!




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